1. The league shall be called the Woking and District Ladies Darts League. Any new teams must be in the Woking area.
    2. The league shall be confined to members from Clubs and Public Houses.
    3. The league shall consist of League President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chairman. Team representatives shall consist of one or two members from each team, preferably the Captain and/or Secretary. Any team not represented at League Committee Meetings will be fined £5.00. When a vote is required, only one representative from each team may vote.
    4. All teams shall be affiliated to the League by payment of £1.00 and £1.00 for a membership card.
    5. All teams to pay an annual subscription of £20.00 to League Funds.
    6. No player shall play for any Club/Pub in the league other than the Club/Pub for which she is registered. Any player infringing this rule will be expelled for the rest of the season and the games concerned (not the match) will be awarded to the opponents.
    7. A player may transfer to another team by obtaining a form from the League Secretary and on completion with a fee of £2.00 may be transferred, only once, during a season.
    8. Each team in the League shall register not less than six players and shall play one another home and away in each half of the season according to the fixture cards. Play to start at 8:00pm with a 8:15pm deadline. All players must be present by 8:15pm. Matches will be played from a throw of not less than 7’9¼” (seven feet, nine and one quarter inches) and shall consist of; 4 threes-701 up, 3 pairs-501 up, 6 singles-401 up. Straight in, finish on a double. Bullseye to count as a double. One game only. One point per game plus one extra point for winning the match.
    9. In the event of a team fielding less than six players, no wildcard and the match cannot be rearranged, 8 points will be awarded to the non-offending team, with one of these points going towards the sixes competition (see rule 21). All matches are to be played on the Wednesday stated on the fixture card except in extreme weather conditions, when the match may be rearranged before the end of the season. The League Secretary is to be informed of the decision by both Captains. Any team withdrawing from the League (for whatever reason) during the first half of the season, all points will be deducted. If in the second half, then only the second half points will be deducted.
    10. In the end of season competitions, the following will apply: Ann Bulter Shield (fours) – anyone can play. Doris Wills Cup (singles) – anyone can play. Captain’s and Secretary’s – Captain and Secretary only. Pairs – anyone except Captain and Secretary or single’s player. Singles – anyone except Captain, Secretary or Pairs players. On competition nights, finals may be played subject to the teams concerned agreeing. The Team Competition (sixes) will be assessed during the season. In order for a player to take part in the end of season competitions they must play in at least 6 matches during the season.
    11. The Secretary of each home team shall email or text the result of each match on a Thursday. The result card should be received not later than three days after the match, it should show players full names, the match result and be signed by both Captains or their deputies. It is the responsibility of both Captains to check the card before signing it. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the home team being fined £2.00 and the away team being fined £1.00.
    12. All Clubs/Pubs shall abide by the decision of the League Committee over any dispute not provided for in the rules under penalty of points.
    13. Players can register at any time. Players can play at once by starring their names on the result cards once only, the registration fee of £2.00 per starred player will be paid at the next meeting.
    14. Teams not represented at the Annual General Meeting will be fined £10.00.
    15. The league shall consist of one division until a sufficient increase in the number of teams warrants an increase to two divisions.
    16. A maximum of two teams may represent any Club or Public House.
    17. All registered players must be 16 or over.
    18. All nominations for the League Committee and any proposed rule changes should be received by the League Secretary either by email or in writing two clear weeks before the AGM.
    19. The wildcard can be used only three times in each half of the season and it must be written on the card with the player clearly marked. A draw of the five players is made to decide who plays twice. That player can only throw once in the sixes and the team must bye the missing player.
    20. If any match has to be rearranged, for any reason, then the non-offending team offers three dates when the match can be played. Failure to play the match on any one of the given dates will mean that the non-offending team can claim the points. Teams cannot claim the points for any match unless the three dates given were rejected.
    21. Any complaints or comments regarding a team, a venue, or any other matter should be put in writing by email or letter and sent to the League Secretary.


    Notes From The Committee
    Teams should endeavour to play matches that are postponed in the first half of the season by the end of the first half.
    The League Secretaries name, address, telephone number and email address can be found on the front of the fixture card..